Binchotan Powder

Binchotan powder is a very valuable organic material.
Our binchotan powder products do not contain mercury or other harmful ingredients.

The binchotan charcoal surface consists of macro and micro pores that allow charcoal to attract and absorb chemicals such as dirt and oil on the skin and hair. One of the most common activated charcoal uses is to remove toxin and chemicals in the event of ingestion.
Widely used as raw material for soap, shampoo, scrubs, teeth whitening and cosmetic products. As a black food coloring in the food / beverage industry and can also be used as a mixture for the animal feed industry.

Material :
White charcoal powder
Measurements :
Ultra fine powder (Mesh approx. 200)
Fine powder (Mesh approx. 140)
Contents :
Sack kraft bag / PE 20 kg (Ultra-Fine powder)
Sack kraft bag / PE 25 kg (Fine powder)

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