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About binchotan charcoal and its derivatives

What is Binchotan charcoal?

Speaking of “Binchotan charcoal” in general, it is a white charcoal made from hard wood called Ubaegashi as a carbon material. Very loud, when hitting a metal sound, the cross section has a shiny glossy finish. The name of the Binchotan charcoal is said to be named by the wholesaler of the Kishu charcoal and the Tanabe clan in the first year of Genroku (1688 to 1703), Bichika Yanagi Yanmen, and “Bincho charcoal” in the narrow sense means white charcoal from a special product of this

What are the uses of CHarkolBinchotan?

CHarkol Binchotan presents more natural solution for our life. With myriad of benefits, the products we provide include Art, Water Purifier, Anti-odor, Food ingredient, Barbeque, Health care (Skin care, Foot care and Teeth whitening) and also Animal feed ingredient.

Where is CharkolBinchotan's art most effective as decoration?

Amazing decoration with materials that are sourced from nature, are more environmentally friendly and have many advantages. Very unique, because there is only one, it cannot be duplicated. Suitable to be placed in a hotel, work space, family room, bedroom, dining room or wherever you want to display it !

How to treat CHarkolBinchotan Art?

Please do the sun drying once a month. Please carry out the sun’s drying time as a guideline,
“warm charcoal level”. In this case, please brush lightly with a soft brush or worn toothbrush etc. Do not wash with soap, detergent or other chemicals.

Attention : CHarkolBinchotan Art comes from natural ingredients, all shapes, sizes, weights and others cannot be measured precisely. Fragile, handle it carefully !