There are two types of charcoal which can be said the activated and the binchotan one. For this time this article will focus on the Binchotan Charcoal which has so many benefits for the human beings. Even though this typically small and big pore charcoal was initially introduced during the old civilization, people in the nowadays seem to take the advantages of the binchotan charcoal for many reasons. To deal with it, as you are now living in modern era, you are strongly advisable to learn more about White Charcoal in detail.

The Origin Of The Binchotan Charcoal

Dating back to three century ago, it is said that the binchotan charcoal was initially made by the charcoal makers in Kishu, Japan. Known as a type of activated charcoal, this thing is created by choosing the hard Ubame Oak tree that later will be burnt in the low temperatures so that it will control the flow of oxygen within. Then the temperature may be increased into 1,000 degrees to monitor the changes of the color and once it has turned black, it can be said that the impurities have gone away.

It is said that the binchotan charcoal is considered to be 100% carbon and the name of binchotan is derived from the people who initially discover the white ash residue produced by the Oak tree, Binchoya Chozaemon.

During the past centuries, the use of binchotan charcoal in Japan gains its popularity and this causes the emergence of many kinds of the binchotan charcoal that the finest type of binchotan charcoal was made by the Kishu Binchotans. It is said so, because the process is taken the advantages of the traditional method that later is passed down from one generation to another.

The Advantages Of The Binchotan Charcoal For Home and Health

In dealing with the advantages of the binchotan charcoal, it can be seen that most white charcoal can be used to filter and to alkalise the water so that it will remove the harmful substances in the water with ration 50 grams per liter. As you want to see its advantages, you can put the white charcoal in the jug containing of the water or you can leave this white charcoal in the fridge to alkalise the harmful materials. This natural alkalise can be taken into advantages for approximately two months that later be replaced with the new one.

Apart from water purification, the use of the binchotan charcoal can be said to maintain the dental hygiene. This can be taken into account when you use the binchontan toothbrush so that you can remove the plaque and help to neutralize the chlorine found in the water tap.

Binchotan is also has the anti fungal and antibacterial formulas that help to reduce the risk of bad breath. As you taken the advantages of the binchontan brush, you will see the handle of the brush which is made from bamboo to ensure the biodegradable.

To surprise you, the binchotan charcoal can also be used to regulate the humidity. This can be seen if you put the binchotan in the kitchen so that it will banish the unwanted odors and excess humidity. Here you can place the binchotan in the fridge, living room, bathroom or pantry. How this white charcoal work can be seen as it draws the toxins in the air then absorb the positive ion that will reduce the problem of breath such as asthma or allergies.

One of the beneficial charcoal is the binchotan charcoal which is part of the activated charcoal that later be used as water purification or banish the bad odor. This type of charcoal is made from the burning oak tree that selected by the artisan so that it will produce the best quality of the charcoal which gives more benefits for the human beings.