Rice Sticks

Binchotan or White Charcoal, has traditionally been used for better cooking in Japan. Include RiceSticks when cooking rice. With the far-infrared function, rice becomes more mature, more fluffier, durable and helps maintain the taste of rice. In addition, RiceSticks also functions to raise the pH of water, absorb chlorine and the odor contained in water.

1. To use the stick first, boil the stick in water for 10 minutes or until boiling, then remove and allow to dry.
2. Insert the stick when cooking the rice cooker. Comparison of the use of RiceSticks with water is 1: 5 (30 gr : 150 ml of water). After the rice is cooked, remove the stick from the rice cooker.
3. Wash the stick with clean water or drinking water. Brush the stick if needed.
4. Don’t use soap or detergent when washing the stick. Dry and store in a closed container.
5. Repeat the first step after using for 1 month.
6. After 3 months, place it in the refrigerator to absorb the smell or destroy and place it in your garden.

Material :
White charcoal
Measurements :
L : approx. 7.5 cm
Ø : approx. 1.8 cm
W : approx. @ 35 gr
Contents :
Plastic clip, 2 pieces set

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