Foot Care

Wood vinegar as a skin care can help remove fungi and the like like water lice, and others. Rejuvenating the skin including rough feet and cracked skin, the soles of the feet and heels become smoother, and helps eliminate foot odor.

How to use:
1. Pour the solution in a soaking container or use a plastic bag.
2. Soak feet in a container or plastic for 20-30 minutes, use for 3 consecutive days.
3. If there is a wound, it will feel a little sore for a while, continue to soak.
4. If peeling occurs on dead skin, stop first, continue to soak the feet after a few days if no skin is peeled off.

Always use a patch test before using this concentrated product.

Material :
Distilled Wood Vinegar
Contents :
Contents of 250 ml